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For any brand, any product to be successfully marketed, there has to be a smooth flow from manufacture to consumer sales. Fast-moving consumer goods require consistent supply to all the main retail channels, with active promotion and sales monitoring, visual merchandising support and instant restocking. Vimkop has been a specialist in this field for many years, representing a portfolio of well-known and trusted brands which it distributes to Bosnia and Herzegovina's major retail chains.

Professional hair care tools and products have been a primary line of business for Vimkop from the very start of our business.
From our affection for personal care and beauty, Vimkop also represents fashion brands and a variety of fragrances.
Vimkop distributes a broad assortment of confectionary products to supermarkets, hypermarkets and other food retailers.
As a special quality service, Vimkop distributes a variety of cured meat products, delicatessen and dairy products to selected food retailers.